Senin, 09 Mei 2016

Favorite Song

This is my favorite song, the title is 罪人(Tsumibito or Sinner)
 Kanji(Real Language)
ああ 失ってやっと気付た
神様 もしもいるなら
ああ 失ってやっとわかった
僕がいたこと 全てを消して

Romaji(How it Spelled)
kibou no akari wo sagasu
koko wa makkura yami no naka
kamisama doushite desu ka
kanojo wo naze eranda no desu ka
daiji na mono wa itsudemo
boku no tonari ni atta no ni
kamisama tasukete kudasai
negau toki ni wa mou osoin da
aa, ushinatte yatto kizuita
kimi ga ita koto
ano hi ni sekai wa jikan wo tometa
kimi ga ita koto wo keshite
kono boku ga hoshii kotoba wo
itte kureru hito wa mou
kamisama, moshimo iru nara
kanojo wo ima sugu kaeshite yo
aa, ushinatte yatto wakatta
kimi ga ita imi
eien ni sekai wa jikan wo tomeru
boku ga ita koto, subete wo keshite

I search for the light of hope
in this pitch black darkness
Why dear God
did you choose her
Even though my dearest
was always with me
Dear God help me
it’s too late to pray anymore
Ah, I finally realize losing
your presence
That day time stopped for the world
erasing your presence
The person who tells me the words
I want to hear is already…
Dear God, if you exist
return her to me right now
Ah, I finally understood losing
the significance of you
Stop time for the world for all eternity
erasing my presence, all of it

This song is tell us about his regret and grief for his bestfriend loss
He really could express the emotion in the song
This song is really touching and also sad
The reason i pick up this song is because i want to tell everybody that nothing last long, enjoy the moment when you can still enjoy it

Minggu, 11 Oktober 2015

Gamarvani Report

Hello guys! I'm sorry because i just post it right now but the event is on 19th September 2015, it's about 1 month after the event. Before we started, do you guys already know about Gamarvani?

Gamarvani is a festifal on SMA 3
The theme is all about traditional, many traditional game can be played here, the example is Sapintrong, sapintrong is a game which use a rope made by rubber. How to play this game? It's simple, we just hop pass trough the rope when the rope keep spinned by another people. Sounds easy right? But when i play that game, is not so easy to play, and also the game is modificated ,so when people want to play this game, he has to hold a glass with full of water when he's jumping.
When you think you feel bored to play this game, think again, because they're preparing many gift to people who won the challenge.

The fun is just about to start. Before the festival started, all of 10th grade SMA 3 student have to walk with specific route to promoted the event. My class wear traditional clothes and shout very loud to succesed the event, here's the photo when my class prepared before the promotion, and when promoted the event on the street

I don't belive my class do all the best to promote the event, i'm so glad

When the event started, i went to my friend house to take a rest and change clothes.
We back to Gamarvani about around 2pm. It still not too crowded because the main event was on night. When We're waiting for result of best class with best performace on the promotion, we play a traditional game, named boiboian. This game really fun! How to play this game? It played with 5 or more people and devided to 2 group. 1st group had to arrange roof tile pieces to a pyramid, the second group had to throw the paper ball to first group, when a member of 1st group hit, he out of the game, when the second round, 1st group and 2nd group change potition.
The result has came, i wondered what rank my class could be?

I couldn't say this was a great succes because another class almost have no anthusiasm on this parade. But, have this will make our class more nice too.

We really enjoyed this event, escpecially the band, hivi. Lot of people said that the trash can is not many as the trash, i'd said that too because it make the event feel not comfortable, i just hope for the next event the crew will serve better than this event. See you!

My New Friend

I have a new friend, i knew him when i was on LM Inggris Subject. He entered the same class with me, the name of the class is LM  Inggris 1B.
Now he is 14 years old, it quite rare actually because normal people who sat on 10th grade is 15years old
He lives in Kawaluyaan Indah 7 street number 10A
His birth date is on 31st March 2001
He really love cycling, he ususally cycling on CFD Dago on Sunday
He has 1 little sister, which is make him the 1 child
His favourite food is fried chiken
And last, on school, he loves math subject. Maybe he prefer numbers than words

Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

My name is Yazid Naufal Raihansyah
I usually called Yazid
Now i am 1st grade in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung class science 3
I am 15 years old
I have 1 little brother and 1 little sister
My favourite subject is Phisycs(since math is too hard for me now)
I live in Purawinata Street number 21